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youth travel mentoring

“The work that G.Y.O. does, and the impact they have on the lives of the youth in Los Angeles, is precisely what I and "Away We Go!" hope to accomplish in our city, not only through travel all over the United States, but international travel as well.”
          Cheryl D. Gill, "Away We Go!"

“Tanya isn’t just bringing kids to the classroom anymore…she is devoted to steering them towards hope and a brighter future as she connects them to the world around them.”
         Biola University

“KUDOS!!!!! If more of us took life as serious as Miss Walters this world would be a better place!!!!”
         Olivia, G.Y.O.parent

“It made me realize that it’s more than California; it’s more than Pomona. It’s so historical (with) Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Emmett Till and stuff like that.”
          Selesta Shurney, former G.Y.O. student

“Tanya is a powerful example of giving back.”
          Callie Crossley

“Because I have freshmen orientation at Paul Quinn College. Tanya came down here because my mom was not able to make it. And I told her that I was going alone and she just said, no child should go experience college on their own when their first day is so hectic,(and too easy) for me to be lost. So (she) came down here with me. And, you know, she’s just by my side right along through my ups and downs, registering for class, helping me get – make sure I get to know the right people so that, while I’m here in college, you know, I get the best experience out of it as possible.”
         Anthony Cole, former G.Y.O. student

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GodParents Youth Organization, Inc.™ (G.Y.O.) is a 501© 3 whose mission is to improve the lives of youth by increasing academic achievement, leadership skills, high school graduations, and college admissions by connecting them to the world through travel experiences

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