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youth travel mentoring


The way that a person presents them self’s has everything to do with how they will interact with their peers, other individuals and the outside world. Students learn dining etiquette, networking with professionals, basic principals of public speaking, inter-age /non-peer acceptable modes of conduct, self-presentation and spoken communication.

Here are some examples of what we teach our students about strengthening their public speaking and presentation skills:

  1. Watch The Experts
  2. Know Your Material
  3. Take Notes
  4. Rehearse In Private
  5. Rehearse To a Small Audience
  6. Know Your Audience
  7. Know Your Surroundings
  8. Dress Properly
  9. Relax
  10. Start With An Intriguing Question or Fact
  11. Realize That Your Audience Is On Your Side
  12. Use Gestures
  13. Use Visual Aids
  14. Do Not Over-Use Visuals
  15. Speak With Conviction
  16. Do Not Speak To Your Notes
  17. Pause In Your Speech
  18. Add Humor To Engage Your Audience
  19. Don’t Apologize For Nervousness
  20. Prepare a Good Ending

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