youth travel mentoring


youth travel mentoring


"National” Sponsors - $50,000 or more

Our National Sponsors are essential, to the lifeline of our organization. It's because of YOU that our youth receive annual scholarships and are able to participate in various scholastic activities. We rely on our national sponsors to provide much needed equipment such as buses, computers, and tutoring facilities. Your personal and / or corporate TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations equip our youth with the necessary exposure and educational resources they need to make a measurable amount of change in their lives. G.Y.O. thanks you for your generous past, present, and / or future contributions to the community and for assisting us in driving our youth the extra mile and connecting them to the world…

As a G.Y.O. National sponsor, you will receive:
  • Placement on G.Y.O. Banner at events and Media functions
  • Full page ad in Event Program / Souvenir booklet
  • Honorable mention at Media Events, and Presentations
  • Corporate Logo on G.Y.O. MenTouring Bus
  • Corporate Logo on G.Y.O. Website

"Regional" Sponsorship - $25,000 or more

You know those things that affect the state you live in. The impact of reduced truancy, of improved reading scores, of reduced depression in our senior citizens—there is no price tag to these programs. Please, give accordingly to your concern. No one knows better than you.

As a State Sponsor you Will receive:
  • Half page ad in Event Program / Souvenir booklet
  • Continuous Honorable Mention at All Media Events, and Presentations
  • Corporate Logo on G.Y.O. MenTouring Bus
  • Corporate Logo on G.Y.O. Website

“State” Sponsors $15,000 or more

Godparents Youth Organization is a community based Organization, sponsored primarily by the Community. It's been said that “It takes a Village to raise a child…" The G.Y.O. Family is a part of that "village," and we thank you for your continued support. You're TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations help supply food and logging for our youth participating in the Travel ”Men-Touring” incentive program… You also assist in the cost of Transportation, and the various supplies needed for our comminty sevice activities.

As a Community Sponsor you will receive:
  • Half page ad in event program / Souvenir booklet
  • Acknowledgement during ceremony
  • Cooperate Logo on G.Y.O. Website
  • Honorable mention during opening ceremony

“Community” Sponsors $5,000 or more

As a “Care-Share” Sponsor your donation will cover the cost of about 60 signature backpacks that are distributed to hundreds youth nation wide. We visit Boys & Girls Clubs, Recreational Centers and Churches all across the country, and touch lives whenever we stop.

As a Care Share sponsor you will receive:
  • Each backpack that your company sponsors will have your logo on it
  • Quarter page ad in event program / Souvenir booklet
  • Corporate Logo on G.Y.O. Website

Independent Sponsor


Thank You






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Mission Statement

GodParents Youth Organization, Inc.™ (G.Y.O.) is a 501© 3 whose mission is to improve the lives of youth by increasing academic achievement, leadership skills, high school graduations, and college admissions by connecting them to the world through travel experiences

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