youth travel mentoring


youth travel mentoring

youth travel mentoring youth travel mentoring youth travel mentoring youth travel mentoring

Synergy Bus - G.Y.O.
Charter Service

Mission: To make affordable transportation available for the community, our youth, sponsors and supporters. Adding a brand new lane to our HIGHWAY of EXCELLENCE, G.Y.O. has launched a Synergy Bus Charter Service. Our vision is to provide our captive audiences education, information and enlightenment while aboard the 84 passenger blue bird transit bus. Setting ourselves apart from the competition, we have now transformed the way students and passengers interact on the bus by adding retractable LCD TV screens! Instead of staring aimlessly out of a window, we are now showcasing to our riders, prominent colleges and universities, local heroes, community role models and success stories of teenagers who beat the odds.

Teen Taxi

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Mission Statement

GodParents Youth Organization, Inc. (G.Y.O.) is a 501 3 whose mission is to improve the lives of youth by increasing academic achievement, leadership skills, high school graduations, and college admissions by connecting them to the world through travel experiences

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