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GodParents Youth Organization, Inc.™(G.Y.O.) is launching a brand new DVD and online web series that will commence a more fun, interactive way for G.Y.O. to further reach and stay connected with students, schools, businesses and communities across the nation. The episodes will be available online & shown on the school buses during the various G.Y.O. road trips.

Each episode will feature:

A College of the Month - Highlights:
  • What is unique to your school
  • Questions and answers on campus life
  • Uncover myths or truths about college
  • Choosing majors and minors
  • College tuition costs
  • Advice on how to be successful in college
A Community Leader of the Month - Highlights:
  • Information on your career
  • Their influence in the community
  • Their mentors growing up
  • Advice for today’s youth
Student of the Month - Highlights:
  • Personal experiences
  • Why they chose G.Y.O.
  • Their future aspirations and goals
  • How they want to impact their communities
  • Advice to future students

And many more!!!!!!

We hope that each episode will not only educate our students and viewers, but also encourage them dream big and continue strive to reach higher heights in their personal lives and in their communities.