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Thank you Letter from the Executives

Thank you so very much for your ongoing support. Without you, G.Y.O. would not be all that it is today. It is overwhelming how many lives have been changed and it is because we have been so fortunate to have support from families, friends and corporations. Since the beginning, we have experienced so much love. Even when it got tough, your support pushed us through. It has been a long journey but now we have kids in college and it is just such a blessing. Through it all, we have seen people come and go make something of themselves. Many of our children have gone off to pursue higher levels of education at Tuskegee, West Point Military Academy, Paine College, California State University of Northridge, Miles College and many more. We have so many testimonies from parents about their children changing and becoming productive citizens who they are now proud to say are assets to society. Parents who come to us and say they are so happy that their children did the program because now they have unleashed limitless amounts of potential to make the world a better place. There is just so much positivity that comes from students who have completed the program and their families. That is what keeps us going. So to this, we say thank you! Thank you for encouraging us and keeping us motivated. So many of you have given us a shoulder to cry on when we wanted to give up and for that, we want to say thank you! Thank you for your In-Kind Donations! Thank you for promoting G.Y.O. through media! Thank you for Sponsorship at every level! Thank you for your patience as we have juggled full-time jobs while volunteering to build this organization! With that being said, we appreciate you and want to say thank you!